Southern extra distribution amplifiers

One of the problems that we have always noted with Southern is the lack of space for distribution amplifiers, for both video (VDAs) and pulses (PDAs). Rack space is in very short supply after accommodating four Marconi MkVII camera control units with power supplies, aperture correctors and coders, plus the space required for monitors and the mixer electronics, so we had only fitted one set of distribution amplifiers.

We really needed more video outputs from the mixer to the termination panel for external monitors and some of the wiring was convoluted because of the lack of distribution amplifiers.

Before we went to Burton Waters for their boat show, we decided to make some progress and finally fit some extra amplifiers, the question was – where?

The only spare space was above the Marconi MkV picture and waveform monitor (PWM) which is used for cameras one and two, but the space was one rack unit too small. We decided to remove the PWM and refit it one rack unit further down – there was a blanking plate below it – and move the colour bar generator unit from the other side of the engineering area, thus leaving space for a crate of distribution amplifiers near to the rear termination panel.

The space where the Marconi MkV PWM lives, temporarily removed to move the mounting downwards

You can see through into the vision production area in the photograph above. The existing crate of amplifiers is at the top right.

Southern’s colour bar generator in its new home above the PWM.

Incidentally, the components in the colour bar generator are dated from around 1963, long before the start of colour TV in the UK!

The new rack of distribution amplifiers just underneath the RU4011 UHF receiver.

This last photograph shows the new amplifiers installed into the rear rack.