Recreating the magic of TV’s early days

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Story by Ruth Slavid. Photos by Broadcast Engineering Conservation Group.

A newly formed charity in England is preserving and using a number of vintage outside broadcast trucks that were originally used in the UK in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

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A review of the Thames Television OB fleet Part 1

Part 1 (1968 to 1980)

By Phil Nott

If you want to understand the history of Thames Television’s outside broadcast (OB) trucks, it is necessary first to appreciate the tortuous way that the broadcaster came into being. Therefore, I am starting this review of the Thames OB fleet with a little history.

Edit: corrected the caption on the picture of Unit 4.

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Carry on Trucking

Carry on Trucking – Jeffrey Borinsky

While many enthusiasts collect radios and televisions, broadcasting equipment is a more neglected area. The Broadcast Engineering Conservation Group (BECG) is a group of people who rescue, restore and conserve historic UK television equipment, focusing on the engineering aspects. We aim to use this to present television history to the public. Continue reading “Carry on Trucking”

Making Old Television Technology Make Sense

A new approach to technological television history and conservation

By Dr Paul Marshall


How does traditional analogue television work? That’s a question beyond the comfort zone of most media historians who may not be familiar with analogue electronics. Even young engineers know little of thermionics, cathode rays and a myriad of other forgotten technologies. This important facet of television’s history is now only recorded by older engineers and by amateur groups who collect these technologies. In this paper, I will show by using examples how material artefacts can help us understand television’s history more fully.

Keywords: broadcasting, engineering, television, conservation, restoration, preservation

How to Cite: Marshall, P., 2019. Making Old Television Technology Make Sense. VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture, 8(15), pp.32–45. DOI:


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