Popular Articles

A selection of popular articles, some of which have been published in journals or on other sites.

The Roving Eye

VGY997M-Dave Taylor

This brief history follows the development of the BBC facility providing real-time television pictures from moving vehicles to bring action pictures to viewers. Read the article by Richard Harris.

A review of the Thames Television OB fleet


In part one, covering 1968 to 1980, Phil Nott details the history of Thames Television’s outside broadcast (OB) trucks, and the tortuous way that the broadcaster came into being. Read the article.

London Weekend Television’s Pioneering Technology


In this article, Phil Nott looks at the birth and evolution of London Weekend Television, and at the role that technology played in developing its sport and drama output. Read the article.

Interlacing – the hidden story of 1920s video compression technology


Paul Marshall investigates an early video compression technology. Read the article.

My “Palace of Arts” Days

Dan Cranefield looks at the post-war BBC Television Outside Broadcasts (Tel OBs) base at the Palace of Arts in Wembley, one of the substantial buildings which were built there specially for the British Empire Exhibition in 1924. Read the article.