P5 awaiting bodywork repairs

There’s not a lot happening with our P5 generator truck at the moment for various reasons, COVID and the purchase of the Hemswell building being just two.

When ABC/Thames returns from Hutton’s coachworks after the bodywork repairs and re-spray, it is intended that P5 will be the next to make the trip to Melton Mowbray.

BBC P5 Generator NGF728

We are delighted to announce that we have bought a former BBC mobile generator vehicle at auction. It came up at the CVA Doncaster commercial vehicle and plant online auction on 20 October 2020. The auctioneer contacted us because of Ruth Slavid’s article in Commercial Motor. We are grateful for assistance from Mark Forrester and his company, Euromunicipal, who are regular customers of CVA and bid on our behalf. At very short notice we managed to secure enough funding, but with a struggle and only just.

Advertisement in Commercial Motor magazine.
Advertisement in Commercial Motor magazine.
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Bryant Unlimited

Bryant Unlimited kindly donated a drum of double-screened video coax and their remaining stock of crimp PL259 connectors for our Vivat project.

The owner of Bryant Unlimited has decided to retire and close the company, however some of the staff have formed new companies to continue to supply parts of the Bryant portfolio, the old Bryant website currently has the details.

We wish them well and thank them for their donation.

New articles

We have added some new articles recently:

  • Jeffrey and Paul have followed up their BVWS article Carry On Trucking with a new one looking at Vivat in particular: Long Live Vivat!
  • Trevor Brown has kindly sent us some more articles from CQ-DATV:
    • The Lightweight Revolution looks at the rise of Electronic News Gathering.
    • Five go to Amsterdam recalls an earlier life when we took a RCA TR70-B VTR and a Marconi Mk VII camera to IBC in Amsterdam – we billed it as “the world’s largest camcorder”!
  • Dan Cranefield continues his reminiscences with Early Location Drama in Colour, which dovetails with Richard’s Roving Eye article as it also discusses the conversion of Roving Eye 5 into the LMCR.

Roving Eye article updated again

Richard’s Roving Eye article continues to evolve, with more history appearing!

Updates include:

  • REII photographs at Fairoaks Airfield, Chobham for a stunt flying programme from Brian Balshaw.
  • REII photographs from Pat Jessup.
  • NYN 286Y is transferred to Pebble Mill, for Top Gear.
  • Some re-arrangement of the sections to improve the time-lines.
  • More on the proposed CRE rebuild.