ABC/Thames Italian documents part 1

When we received the vehicle from the previous owners, it came with lots of documentation, including some items in Italian. We know that when Sony Broadcast owned the vehicle it spent some time in Italy with the state broadcaster RAI, so we were intrigued to find out whether these documents shed any light on the time spent in Italy.

Here is the original document, it consists of two pages and the second one has an additional note. Click on the documents to see them full-size, then click “back” in your browser to return.

It mentions RAI and the President of the Republic so we thought that this might be interesting.

I asked an Italian colleague of mine to translate these as they were not of good enough quality for the Internet’s automated translators to cope with. He said: “The reason why the automated translation did not work is that this is a fine example of bureaucratic language. It’s mainly used by public servants in official documentation. I cannot make the English as convoluted as the Italian original because it would lose all meaning but trying (sic) to give an idea of the byzantine language.

Here is the translation that he provided:

Dear Milan Prefecture – Corso Monforte 31 – Milan

Subject: Authorisation request for the transit of a vehicle equipped to TV filming on a Sunday.

The Milan RF-TV production Centre of the RAI+Radiotelevisione Italiana, in occasion of the visit from the President of the Republic to the Milan Duomo (Cathedral), intends to use for demonstration purposes a special vehicle outfitted with technical equipment used for television shooting in the “High definition” standard, currently used in Trieste for an important experimental movie.

On October 19th, at the end of the presidential visit, this vehicle – BEFORD GNF 951E – VAN VAL 14 (8,500 Kg payload, dimensions 2.50 m. width 9.90 m. length; 3.50 height) owned by SONY BROADCAST l.t.d.e temporarily used by RAI – for unavoidable requirements connected to the previously mentioned production, will have to leave (at about 14:00) towards Trieste to be used there the same evening.

Since this is a prototype vehicle, essential to demonstrate the new television standard HDVS towards which the President of the Republic has expressed interest, we request the esteemed prefecture to promptly authorise its transit on the mentioned Sunday.

Kind regards.
CP/R 09080

We authorise, in exception to the current ban, the transit on October 19th 1986 of the vehicle BEFORD GNF 951E-VAN VAL 14 on the itinerary mentioned in the request, recommending the utmost attention to guarantee the road safety.

Milan, 16.10.1986

Mario Palmiero

So it’s a request to be able to move the vehicle from Milan back to Trieste on a Sunday when Heavy Goods Vehicles were not allowed to be on the roads. Not as exciting as we thought, but it does have dates and places.

The President of the Republic in 1986 was Francesco Cossiga.