Southern extra distribution amplifiers

One of the problems that we have always noted with Southern is the lack of space for distribution amplifiers, for both video (VDAs) and pulses (PDAs). Rack space is in very short supply after accommodating four Marconi MkVII camera control units with power supplies, aperture correctors and coders, plus the space required for monitors and the mixer electronics, so we had only fitted one set of distribution amplifiers.

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Burton Waters Boating Festival


We will be exhibiting Southern TV OOW999G at the “Boating Festival” at Burton Waters, Lincoln on Saturday 15th June.

This is your chance to see a restored Outside Broadcast vehicle with working period equipment dating from 1968.

Did you know that Southern Television also had an “Outside Broadcast boat”? It was a converted WWII motor-torpedo boat with a full TV studio on board!

“Southerner” Outside Broadcast Boat

For more details on the boat, see our Southerner article.