Power Input Panel

At the rear is the power input panel. This was missing when we retrieved the vehicle from the school but the frame of it was located afterwards and returned to us.

Power Input Panel.

Richard has now rebuilt the panel to modern wiring standards and has refitted it.

The new panel carries two input sockets, a main 63A socket for the normal running of the equipment and a 16A night supply socket which supplies the night heater, the dehumidifier and also the vehicle battery charger. A switch enables the night supply to be powered from the main input socket if required.

The panel also contains three auxiliary outputs, two are unregulated power and the third one comes from the Automatic Voltage regulator which is located in the rear near-side locker along with the vehicle battery charger.

There are also tally lights which indicate the presence of the main, night and regulated supplies, RCD and MCB breakers for protection and a multi-function LCD display module that indicates the input voltage, current consumption, frequency and power factor.

Richard wiring the panel.

Richard wiring the panel.

Back of the panel.

The back of the panel.

Rubber Flap.

A rubber flap helps keep the weather out when the upper door is closed.