Carry on Trucking

Carry on Trucking – Jeffrey Borinsky

While many enthusiasts collect radios and televisions, broadcasting equipment is a more neglected area. The Broadcast Engineering Conservation Group (BECG) is a group of people who rescue, restore and conserve historic UK television equipment, focusing on the engineering aspects. We aim to use this to present television history to the public. Continue reading “Carry on Trucking”

Vivat Videos and Photos

Vivat Videos and Photos

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Here are some (old) videos and photos that show how the project is progressing. More items will be added later.

See our “Latest News” page for an overview of how we are getting on! Each entry contains a description of the work and more photographs.

Initial vehicle preparation video

This video by Dicky Howett was shot in 2010 and 2011 and shows some of the early work that took place, mainly stripping old paintwork.

Later videos on YouTube

These three YouTube videos by Dicky Howett show various aspects of the refurbishment of the exterior and interior of the truck.

This first one contains some of the material from the original video above but also includes some later items.

Repairing corroded steps and other body parts.

Fixing the Formica on the ceiling panels.

Photo Albums

These photo albums show the truck as we first found it and also during the restoration so far.