ABC/Thames strip-out starts

We have made our first foray into restoring our latest acquisition – the ABC/Thames Outside Broadcast Unit “GNF951E”. As detailed on the Project Page, this vehicle was converted into a mobile home by the previous owners, so we had to start by removing the modifications. A project team consisting of Paul, Richard, Martin, Jeffrey, Dave, Phil, Dicky, Jill, Margaret and Ruth assembled to start the work.

Arriving for the strip-out

Some photographs of the truck as a mobile home.

First we removed as much of the interior as possible. This included all the loose items such as beds, tables, carpets, kitchen equipment. Then fixtures such as the kitchen sink and mains wiring panels. We could then get down to the vehicle basics.

At this point we discovered that someone, probably Sony Broadcast, had fitted a raised floor into the front part of the interior. This floor covered the sound and production areas, but not the engineering area. You can see part of the false floor in the last photograph above.

After a short investigation and discussion we decided to remove the false floor completely, revealing the original floor, complete with anti-shock mounts for some of the original technical equipment. This was difficult job as the false floor was thick lino on thick ply screwed down to a heavy welded steel frame. A circular saw, angle grinder and plenty of elbow grease ensured success. A wall pillar carrying lighting and air-conditioning controls was fixed to the floor and made life difficult.

Later on we decided to remove the wall pillar as well, it obviously was not original as it was attached to the later false floor. It was pop-riveted to the side wall so had to be drilled out.

Finally we had the interior mostly stripped. The roof lighting and windows will be tackled later.