Precision monitor for Engineering

We need some way of being able to view the pictures from the engineering area, so we decided to move the precision monitor from its original position next to the three camera control units to a separate installation next to the work desk – the space will be filled with another picture and waveform monitor later.

We had to manufacture a “mobile mount” as we did not have one available that fitted this monitor – luckily the anti-vibration mounts are still available.

Engineering Precision Monitor.

The finished monitor.

Anti-vibration mounts.
Anti-vibration mount.

Laying out the anti-vibration mounts.

Wooden runners.

Constructing the wooden frame to hold the monitor.

Now there’s the little matter of the monitor itself. The original one that we were intending to use in the production area had some mechanical damage so it was decided to tackle the “spare” unit. After changing a number of components (mainly failed TCC capacitors) the monitor duly sprang to life. We have found that bulk replacement of TCC coupling capacitors is the only way to ensure a lasting restoration of most items from this period.

Monitor under repair.
Repaired monitor.

Restoring the monitor.

TCC capacitors.

The usual pile of TCC capacitors!