Locker Door

There are two lockers above the driver and passenger seats, these have two sliding doors – unfortunately one of these doors was missing (and it would happen to be the one with the curved front edge!).

Missing locker door.

Here you can see the passenger’s side locker with the other door removed – it also shows the new trunking we have installed so we can fit some locker lights.

Door template.

Luckily we could use the driver’s side locker door as a template to get the curve correct.

Door runners.

Next we had to find a way to replicate the running mechanism. The original doors had plastic mouldings on the bottom to run on plastic rails and spring-loaded pegs at the top which engaged in slots.

The local DIY shed provided some suitable wheels with grooves for the bottom and some slide-clips for the top – these were rebated into the door.

Door Formica.

Next step – Formica to match the existing doors.

Door painting.

Finally, a coat of grey paint on the back of the door.