A Bumper Posting

Ever since we took delivery of the vehicle, there has been no front bumper, this was lost or removed in an earlier life along with lots of other pieces of coachwork (locks, step/handholds and so on).

A bumperless Commer.

Over the years we’ve looked at items online and also visited several “auto-jumble” events in the local area but nothing suitable has turned up – given that this is a custom build by Marshall’s of Cambridge, that isn’t surprising!

Eventually, as the need became greater due to the progress made in other parts of the restoration and fit-out, we decided that the only way this was going to happen was for us to get a custom-made bumper.

First bumper fitting.

A local business was found that was willing to do the work and, after the usual round of discussions and measurements, a fitting was attempted.

The newly “bumpered” and sign-written truck.

Rather than having the bumper chrome plated which would have been very expensive, we decided to go with black.

We also had to relocate the front number plate to the original position underneath the bumper instead of on the front valance. as it was obscured by the bumper.