When we originally stripped back the vehicle to remove all the extra panelling that the school classroom conversion had added, we discovered that the extractor fans were missing from the roof.

Fan mountings.

This was a major blow because although new fans are still available, they cost in the region of £600 each, so the problem was deferred in case something “came up”!

Fast forward several (!) years and with the installation of the equipment and the beginnings of making it all work, the matter of the fans rose up the agenda.

Eventually we had to “bite the bullet” and we obtained and fitted two new 12 inch fans with external weatherproof cowls and new modern controllers (as the original controllers were also missing).

This involved stripping the roof timbers to get to the fan housing, so there was some extra refurbishment do be done there as well.

We are still missing the third fan which was located just behind the passenger’s seat, but that’s another day – the two new fans seem more than adequate so far!