Museum of Communication, Burntisland

The Museum of Communication is a physical museum located in Burntisland, Scotland.

In 1973, Harry Matthews started his Wireless Collection by rescuing and restoring an old wireless. This grew into the Museum of Communication.

In January 1992, the Museum of Communication Foundation Trust (MoCFT) was established, to provide a forum for people interested in communications and also to study the development of communication and IT, with emphasis on collecting, preserving and exhibiting artefacts that illustrate this development.

In January 1994, the Museum’s founder Harry Matthews, in a Deed of Gift, transferred ownership of his collection to the MoCFT.

Harry’s death in February 2000 was a most severe blow. However, to Harry, the Foundation’s primary function was to perpetuate his life’s work, long after that life had expired.

Their website is: and they also have a presence on Facebook, X(Twitter) and YouTube, plus an amateur radio station with the callsign MM0MOC.

Membership of the Foundation is open to all, see their website for details.