Vivat video termination panel

Recently we had a face-to-face trustees meeting (our first one since before the pandemic). This meant that Richard could deliver the video termination panel for Vivat that he made during the pandemic lockdown.

This panel is mounted just behind the passenger door, but fitting it will require exterior access, so will have to wait until one of the vehicles is moved.

Richard is also constructing the matching audio termination panel, but it’s not quite finished yet.

The final part of the termination panel will be the connections for the MkIII camera cables.

Existing termination panel including new power panel
New video termination panel

The new panel provides outputs from the cameras, monoscope (test pattern generator), and the vision mixer. It also provides synchronising pulses for external equipment and a variety of other inputs and outputs using both the 405 line and 625 line standards. An internal patch panel provides more flexibility.