Eyes Of A Generation

In essence, this is a Television history book with 5000 stories, 10,000 rare photos and hundreds of one of a kind videos“.

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This is television’s story, built one article at a time over a period of 10+ years. In writing and posting each of these, almost every story has bloomed to near perfection, thanks to the contributions of lost details, comments and first hand reports from industry veterans who were there. As you enter the new heart of the site, Daily Posts, I hope you will click to see the comments, and add to the conversation with your own.

Television’s cameras are truly “the eyes of a generation”, that have allowed us to bear witness to the Twentieth Century and beyond, in ways no one could ever have imagined…but it is the people in front of, and behind the cameras that have made the story even more compelling.

Among the thousands of images here, I’ve made a special effort to include hundreds of truly iconic photos – landmark images that reveal not only the technical evolutions, but the atmosphere and feel of those days as well. By choosing production images that feature the shows, stars and events of our past, that these cameras have made it possible for us to see, remember and cherish, I’ve tried to weave a tapestry. With each stitch adding to the big picture, I want to show you these great cameras in action, and at the same time, pay tribute to the personalities, places and programs that are indelibly woven into the American fabric. Welcome! – Bobby Ellerbee.