CIO Status

We are delighted to announce that BECG is now registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), number 1189469.

We have set up BECG in order to celebrate the technological history of broadcasting by preserving and operating historical equipment as part of an educational process.

Being a CIO gives us the right framework to pursue these aims:

  • To be a heritage organisation whose purpose is to conserve and preserve historic broadcast television equipment, its associated documentation and history.
  • To engage with the general public and those associated with the television industry in order to encourage interest in historic broadcast television technology. In particular, to interpret and present older technologies and associated skills to young people.
  • To research, document and communicate the following industry related subjects:
    • Research, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.
    • Record and continue industry specific tacit skills.
    • Study the commercial, industrial, artistic and academic factors which shaped the development of broadcast television technology and its associated working practices.
  • To educate and encourage new generations into careers in broadcast engineering by providing an understanding of the evolution of the technology, leading to a more informed appreciation of the future.