BBC Television, Unit Link 18, W17SAT

Link 18 truck

In July 2023 we were contacted by an ex-BBC OBs engineer offering an ex-BBC (and ex-SiS) satellite uplink truck.

The vehicle is a 2006 Mercedes Sprinter Van and carries the registration “W17 SAT” (which originally belonged to BBC Link 17). It was built by Megahertz and was initially based at the BBC Kendal Avenue facility until that was closed in 2007, then at Langley. In 2008 it was transferred to SiS (who closed down in 2014).

It was painted in “the closest Mercedes colour available to match the other BBC OB blue vans in the fleet at the time”.

The vehicle has most of its original equipment including the built-in generator. It had been updated to newer equipment, but the original items have been re-fitted before it was generously donated to us.