BBC Radio Car, LT05XAN


Recently we were contacted by Paul Andersson, an ex-BBC engineer who had a 2005 Peugeot 807 radio car from BBC Coventry which he wished to donate to the group.

Paul did most of the design work for these Radio cars, which were replacements for the earlier Peugeot 806. Ten identical 807 based cars were built, by dB Broadcast.

It is complete with the mast and interior 19″ rack with some of the original equipment including power and control systems.

The picture above shows it in BBC livery, but it was re-sprayed into the original factory colour as a condition of sale by the BBC.

BECG has graciously accepted this vehicle as a gift, seen here being accepted by Paul Elkington on behalf of BECG.

Radio Car handover to Paul Elkington

Some more photos of the inside.