Hemswell Cliff Building – thanks

We have had lots of help so far with our new building at Hemswell Cliff – if you feel that you can help us, please contact us at this email address.

We’d like to thank (in no particular order):

  • Lee Musson – glazing
  • Jamie Hill of “First Cut” – hedge cutting
  • Sam Beirne of “Otter Roofing” – chimney and roof work
  • Ashley Barker of “ADB Builders” – installation of water pipe
  • Fearn Plant – grounds work
  • TFM hire – waste shredder
  • Carlton Bradley of Cliff Bradley and Sons, funeral directors – PPE, cleaning supplies and assistance
  • BBC Wood Norton and Park Western – donation of equipment
  • Chelmsford City Museum – donation of equipment
  • Helen Casey – tools and equipment
  • Basil Bara – CCTV equipment
  • The estate of David Bennett – CCTV equipment and tools
  • Rob Harvey – loan of scaffold towers
  • Peter Farrant – grounds work, guttering and drainpipes
  • The estate of David Caroline – TV and other equipment
  • Northern Powergrid – furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Warner Bros London – donation of equipment
  • Harefield Hospital Television – donation of equipment
  • Hemswell Residents Company – advice and support
  • Hemswell Cliff Parish Council – advice and support
  • West Lindsey District Council – advice and support
  • Mark Bloor and Bill Pugh – WiFi and network equipment
  • Myra Ranson – donation of equipment